Integrating Qualtrics with SAP SuccessFactors

Unlock the full potential of your SAP SuccessFactors solution by integrating with Qualtrics.

Integrating Qualtrics software with your SAP SuccessFactors solution enables you to use SAP SuccessFactors as your primary source for all user data across your systems. With the integration, you can add feedback opportunities directly in SAP SuccessFactors and transfer data to Qualtrics when you need it. This integration helps you to make the best use of your data and streamline your processes.

4 Types of Integrations between Qualtrics and SAP SuccessFactors

Four types of integrations are relevant for transferring data between SAP SuccessFactors and Qualtrics systems. We will delve into each integration type below.

1. Integrating Employee Data from SAP SuccessFactors into Qualtrics

With this integration, you have the ability to transfer employee data that you need in Qualtrics from your SAP SuccessFactors systems. You can then use this data to launch surveys, to control surveys while running, or in dashboards.

This integration can be based on an SFTP, standard API, or a customized API-based setup. The user data obtained from this integration will serve as the basis for your Engagement, Pulse, & Lifecycle surveys.


2. Integrating Employee Data from SAP SuccessFactors into Qualtrics

This integration is designed to enhance your Candidate Experience. It collects all the necessary data from your SAP SuccessFactors recruitment module and integrates it into your Qualtrics solution.

Candidate data can be easily accessed and used by the various surveys available in the Qualtrics Candidate Experience Management solution. The integration can be based on an SFTP, standard API, or a customized API-based setup.


3. Addition of Users to Surveys Triggered by an SAP SuccessFactors Event

More than 30 standard events in SAP SuccessFactors can trigger surveys in Qualtrics. There are two types of events that can trigger a survey:

1. Qualtrics Survey Triggered through Business Rules

The first type of event is controlled by business rules, offering high flexibility on which kind of business rules to trigger surveys on. The setup is based on a standard API setup that sends the user's ID to Qualtrics. Afterward, Qualtrics adds the user and any metadata to the survey.

2. Pop-up Qualtrics Survey in SAP SuccessFactors

The second type of event allows you to define an intercept which would show a pop-up directly in SAP SuccessFactors.


This type of event is relevant to gather different kinds of insights. For instance, in SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting, when someone has completed a job application, they would be asked to fill out a survey. Another example is asking an employee to fill out a survey after they have completed a specific step in their performance process.

4. Integrating Qualtrics Survey Response Data into SAP SuccessFactors

All Qualtrics solutions offer a lot of flexibility in terms of setup. One option is to trigger an API call after a survey is completed. This option allows users to check the data stored about them and automatically update it in SAP SuccessFactors.

For instance, this integration can show employees their current emergency contacts (if any) and allow them to either confirm, update, or add new emergency contacts by providing the information in the survey. Once they complete the survey, this data is automatically updated in SAP SuccessFactors. This solution is based on a custom survey & API setup.

Integrate Qualtrics and SAP SuccessFactors to Centralize and Unify Your Employee Data

As the first Qualtrics partner in Northern Europe, we specialize in integrations to and from SAP SuccessFactors and Qualtrics, providing large-scale, highly customized 360 surveys, and have successfully implemented a wide range of successful Engagement, Pulse, & Lifecycle surveys.

Our proven expertise in Qualtrics implementations, combined with a commitment to delivering exceptional customer service, has earned us the reputation as a trusted partner among clients seeking to drive business outcomes through the Qualtrics platform.

With Effective People as your implementation partner, your organization will have access to game-changing knowledge on how to engage and empower HR leaders and managers to act on insights quickly—all aimed at improving your employee and customer experience.

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