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Implement SAP SuccessFactors Learning with ease.

As the demand for new skills accelerates, organizations need a learning management system (LMS) that supports employee learning and development with agility and innovation. The SAP SuccessFactors Learning solution enables helping companies to deliver training and content for each learner in a way that’s relevant and engaging and maximizes retention.

In a time when most employees are overwhelmed by floods of information, the ability to offer personalized learning that is embedded in the flow of work is invaluable. Not only are employees empowered to reach their own career goals, but they are also better equipped to contribute to a company’s overall growth strategy.

The benefits of SAP SuccessFactors Learning include:

  • The ability to design and curate learning experiences for employees at all stages, across an extended business network.

  • Boosted learner engagement with blended learning capabilities and personalized content.

  • A unified learning management system that provides a transparent view of employees’ activities, business goals, completion certificates, and more.

  • Improved regulatory adherence and lowered legal risk through the automation of compliance training.

Key capabilities:

  • Access to learning wherever and whenever needed, through a wide variety of formats, and with the ability to connect and collaborate with peers.

  • Unmatched content management, reporting, and analytics capabilities.

  • Automated administration with intuitive wizard-based processes and assignment profiles.

With 20 years’ experience in assisting clients on their HR software journey, Effective People is able to help you implement SAP SuccessFactors Learning in a way that will maximize your investment and ensure ongoing, optimized value through engaged employees who achieve their learning outcomes.

Validated Learning and Validated SaaS

Validated Software as a Service (vSaaS) extends the concept of SaaS for customers who need a longer release cycle to validate their software to a regulator. Validation is not standard across industries or customers, and it usually requires highly detailed documentation that can take three to six months to produce.

Because of the validation requirements, SAP SuccessFactors offers an LMS as vSaaS, with an annual release schedule and some additional validation reporting features.

Effective People has collaborated with diverse clients over the past decade to support the implementation of their Validated Learning environment. This work includes integration to the company’s document-handling systems so that standard operating procedures(SOPs), instructions(INS), and the like are integrated into the LMS. Doing so ensures that learners are able to read the quality assurance documents in their newest edition directly from the learning system, while managers have an overview of their team’s compliance in these areas.

Validated (vSaaS) Learning Mobile App

After more than 15 years of supporting regulated industries with strict validation requirements, including FDA validation requirements, SAP SuccessFactors now offers a separate Validated Learning Mobile app for LMS customers (iPhone and iPad only; not available for Android).

The app empowers employees with the flexibility to learn at their convenience. They can identify their assigned courses, register for classes, consume content, search for courses in the library, review past history, create and view QuickGuides, and record completion of observations with task checklists. Instructors are also able to manage their Learning courses wherever they go, viewing scheduled courses, recording student attendance, contacting students via email, recording course completion, initiating evaluation before completion, and launching virtual sessions.

Whether you already have an LMS in place or are looking to establish a strong foundation to build on in this area, Effective People can help you according to your unique requirements. With a long history of partnering with SAP SuccessFactors, Effective People have become industry leaders in providing SaaS implementation support to take your organization and its workforce to the next level.

“Effective People off site delivery model worked perfectly, they supplied on site expertise as required that delivered a high-quality product that exceeded our expectations.”
Iain Witherington Group VP of HR, Kerry Group
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Need help implementing SuccessFactors Learning?

Need help implementing SuccessFactors Learning? Whether your LMS is already live or you want to start strong with a new one, Effective People can help!

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