Qualtrics Implementation Partner for Experience Management

Effective People is the go-to provider for clients seeking to maximize the value of the Qualtrics platform.

As the first Qualtrics implementation partner in Northern Europe, Effective People helps organizations across industries excel in experience management with Qualtrics. Discover how we empower your HR leaders and managers with data-driven insights about your employees and customers to improve decision-making capabilities.

Your Trusted Qualtrics and SAP SuccessFactors Partner

Effective People is the go-to provider for clients seeking to maximize the value of the Qualtrics platform. As a highly experienced SAP Gold Partner, our team helps clients seamlessly integrate Qualtrics solutions with their existing SAP SuccessFactors environments to optimize their Experience Management solution. 

Certified Qualtrics Partner: Employee Experience

EX certified partner Qualtrics

As a Qualtrics Employee Experience (EX) Certified Partner, Effective People has completed more than 100 projects across various industries, including Lifecycle, Engagement, Pulse, 360, and custom solutions. With a strong track record of delivering high-quality services and innovative solutions, we empower clients seeking to drive business success through the Qualtrics platform. 

Qualtrics Implementation: Proven Expertise

Our proven expertise in Qualtrics implementations, coupled with our commitment to delivering exceptional customer service, has earned us a reputation as a trusted partner among clients. Our Qualtics expertise encompasses:

Best Practices for Your Qualtrics Implementation

Recognizing the unique needs of our clients, Effective People has developed an implementation methodology tailored to align with your organization’s resources and technical capabilities. Below, we will look closer at our three implementation approaches for Qualtrics:

1. Advised Approach: Build with Me

The Advised approach is a collaborative journey with your organization that includes active client involvement throughout the project. After an introduction to Qualtrics and training by our experts, your organization will take part in executing key tasks. Throughout the project, we offer continuous support and quality assurance, ensuring a seamless Qualtrics implementation. 

Opting for the Advised approach, you are better equipped to take ownership of the new system following go-live. This approach empowers you to build up internal capabilities during implementation, ultimately reducing costs as your organization contributes to the project execution.

2. Fully Managed Approach: Build for Me

Effective People handles all configuration work, including comprehensive training on the Qualtrics system with the Fully Managed approach. When the configuration is complete, your organization is responsible for testing the final solution to ensure that it aligns with your expectations, needs, and requirements.

3. Administered Approach: Run for Me

With the Administered approach, we run the project on your organization’s behalf, overseeing all aspects of implementation. This option is beneficial for organizations facing resource constraints internally or requiring strict data privacy measures, ensuring 100% anonymity. The Administered approach offers a comprehensive solution and can be applied on top of both the Advised and the Fully Managed solution, available at a fixed price or time & material consumption basis.

All approaches: All customization in Qualtrics is done from a web front where the customer can access all available features.

Transform Your Experience Management with Qualtrics from Effective People

As you embark on your digital transformation journey, Effective People is ready to help you. Our tailored solutions empower you to craft comprehensive experience management programs, covering every aspect of your employee, customer, and brand interactions. Let us guide you on how you can drive your business forward with Qualtrics.

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