Data Migration

Benefit from Effective People’s data migration tool, which is based on our experience of completing over 1,000 implementations

The migration of data is a critical step when implementing a new HRIS system. Effective People provides proven migration methods, tools, and concepts based on our many successful projects in combination with proven standards to ensure the safe transition of data to your new solution.

Prepare and explore, Realize, Deploy

Our Data Migration Approach

Data Migration activities can be grouped into three sequential components:

Phases 1: Prepare & Explore

The first step is to gain a unified view of your business processes by identifying data and target entities and analyzing source systems. We prioritize engaging with local HR and IT to review major risk areas such as localization requirements and organization structure.

Phase 2: Realize

Based on our validation rules and engagement with local HR managers, our data migration consultants will extract and convert data from source systems. We conduct migration workshops to ensure high-quality data migration as well as perform data quality assessments using our proven KPIs.

Phase 3: Deploy

In the deploy stage, the converted data is loaded into your new system using our proven approach. Validation of key data, relationships, and data quality is conducted based on industry best practices, our pre-build checks, and reports.

Business Value

Effective People has assisted numerous clients in data migration projects, both in supporting roles and leading roles. Our experienced team is ready to help you move your data to the cloud and begin developing your future organization. We have a wide range of accelerators and tools to ensure a successful project, as well as an extensive framework for risk mitigation and quality assurance.

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