Our History

Where It All Began

In 2005, Effective-People was founded in Copenhagen, Denmark. At the time, we were the first SuccessFactors partner in Europe—before SuccessFactors was even a part of SAP.

3 Companies, 1 Global Mission

In 2014, we became part of a global company when we were acquired by GP Strategies together with Hula, a well-respected SAP SuccessFactors implementation partner in North America. Together, Effective-People and Hula became GP Strategies’ HCT (Human Capital Technologies) division in 2018, making GP Strategies a major player in the SAP SuccessFactors market.

Through the joining of these three organizations, we found our strength in diversity, and were able to meet the rising demand for a highly skilled and global workforce.

In just a few years, we’d gone from being a local SAP SuccessFactors partner to a global practice with over 250 SAP SuccessFactors consultants and 1,000+ delivered SAP SuccessFactors projects, to a global operator with a global customer base.

Acquisition by LTG and the (Re)Launch of Effective People

The trust of our growing customer base has allowed us to continue on a rapid growth path. This rapid growth continues through the 2021 acquisition of GP Strategies by Learning Technologies Group plc (LTG), a digital learning and talent management market leader.

It was quickly decided that the natural next step for our SAP SuccessFactors team would be to branch out and focus solely on SuccessFactors under a new name. The name, Effective People (now styled without the hyphen), is a return to our roots and signifies the strength of our core expertise and the power of human capital management systems that enable organizations to adapt quickly to ever-changing conditions.

Learning Technologies Group

Who We Are Today

Our SAP SuccessFactors team is now a truly international company, capable of global service delivery. We’ve been at the forefront of SAP SuccessFactors for almost 20 years, working closely together with our customers to implement SAP SuccessFactors on a global scale.

“Many congratulations to Effective People for being recognized for its ‘Service Excellence’. Customer Service is critical to SAP and a key priority for us in 2020. Effective People is proving to be a positive role model to our partner ecosystem in ensuring it has the right infrastructure of certified consultants in place to deliver the best service to customers.”
Veronique Hangard VP of Channels, SAP EMEA North

Need assistance implementing SAP SuccessFactors?

Whether you’re a new user or are looking to build solutions from the ground up, we’d love to help. Get in touch with one our experts for more.

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