SAP SuccessFactors Succession & Development

Don’t let resignations or retirements slow your business growth. Partner with Effective People to ensure implementation with ease.

In uncertain times, future-proofing your business is a top priority—and that starts from within. Succession planning is a proactive approach to identifying and developing your existing top talent so you stay competitive. Using this information, you can develop your “star performers” for upcoming job transitions without losing your valuable internal knowledge base.

SAP SuccessFactors Succession & Development helps identify, develop, and retain talent at every level of your company. By using robust succession planning software, you can easily map staff moves across teams and borders. You can also create new department hiring plans while providing employees with greater visibility into the future of their careers.

Key Features

  • Quickly and accurately assess your talent to formulate valuable insights about your workforce with information on backgrounds, expertise, performance, and career aspirations.

  • Uncover hidden talent by expanding your internal talent search efforts beyond your immediate sphere.

  • Find the best candidate to fill your leadership gaps.

Business Impact

  • Higher visibility into your existing talent pools to proactively train and develop employees for key positions.

  • Gain an overview of your talent gaps, including key indicators such as the impact of loss and bench strength.

  • Empower HR leaders to establish strategic talent review conversations with managers and executives.

“With the SAP SuccessFactors solutions we can now break down what employees do on the job and drive their behavior in the right direction, in line with the company’s strategic goals.”
Steen Wung-Sung Head of HR Technology

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