Change Management

Managing change in a cloud implementation is critical because the cloud is ever-evolving. Effective People can help you ensure continuous improvement alongside efficiency and innovation.

When an organization realizes it’s time to move to cloud-based HR solutions, much of the focus can fall on the technical side of implementation—but we warn our clients not to neglect the people side of change management, as this is what will ultimately ensure continuous improvement in efficiency and innovation.

An effective change management process introduces new ways of working that generate a culture of ownership and accountability inside the organization, thereby greatly increasing a project’s chance of success.

With more than 20 years of experience in managing change in organizations, Effective People is highly skilled in managing the challenges that arise in HR transformation processes. We have the expertise to help identify, mitigate, and manage any potential employee resistance. Through a tried-and-trusted enabling framework for change management, users are adequately prepared, equipped, and supported through the process, so that they ultimately become champions of the mindset necessary to make the transition to cloud-based services.

  1. Leadership role models the new ways of working and creates a culture of ownership and accountability.

  2. HR leadership sets the tone of standardization and efficiency.

  3. Governance is set up from the beginning in order to facilitate continuous improvement.

  4. Line managers are actively supported throughout the process.

  5. Change champions support basic issue resolution and are thus key to greater system adoption.

  6. Employee adoption is measured, and continuous learning is built into HR processes.

Whether you are at the start of your transformation journey or are looking for advice to take your workforce to the next level, Effective People has the market-leading skills to help you not only meet the technical challenges related to change but also the people-focused expertise to steer you safely through the people side of the organizational change you need to make.

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