Talent Intelligence Hub - Empowering Talent Management and Workforce Planning

Welcome to SAP's cutting-edge innovation: the Talent Intelligence Hub.

This comprehensive talent management solution is seamlessly integrated with existing SuccessFactors modules, optimizing the user experience and maximizing ROI from workforce management tool implementation.

The SAP Talent Intelligence Hub is expertly crafted to streamline your strategic HR planning. This innovative tool not only provides a comprehensive understanding of your talent pool but also facilitates accurate employee assessment, encompassing a range of attributes beyond just competency assessment. Additionally, all HR data analytics are conveniently accessible for in-depth analysis through the 'Report Stories' feature.

Let's explore how the most recent SAP HR solution can transform your organization's workforce strategy and planning.

What is it?

The Talent Intelligence Hub is part of the SuccessFactors Platform, your all-in-one talent management system, offering:

  • Skills Ontology: Drawing from an extensive array of external databases and global job postings, this feature guarantees a holistic and constantly updated view of the most in-demand skills, leading to the most effective workforce optimization strategies.

  • Attributes Library: This is a centralized hub that consolidates all attribute types you've selected for use within your talent management tool, addressing both individual and organizational requirements.

  • Growth Portfolio: This is much more than a mere dashboard; it's a thoughtfully designed space dedicated to fostering employee growth in harmony with organizational objectives. Grounded in the “whole-self model”, it acknowledges that an employee's success transcends mere skills by incorporating elements like work style, aspirations, motivation, education, and communication preferences. Such comprehensive profiling ensures that the information about your workforce is complete, facilitating superior HR resources planning that goes beyond traditional assessments of employee skills and competencies.

Some of the features mentioned will be even further developed in 2024.

The Whole Self Model



Benefits of SAP Talent Intelligence Hub

In the realm of HR, challenges abound, and the Talent Intelligence Hub addresses them all, supporting workforce strategy and planning:

  • Personalized Learning: Tailored to strategic HR planning, our system recommends learning content, ensuring your workforce stays aligned with your talent strategy.

  • Efficient Recruitment: Streamline recruitment with workforce management software, reducing time-consuming manual searches and improving your talent pool.

  • Optimized Team Formation: Eliminate gut feelings and biases in team building, ensuring a strategic workforce strategy and planning approach.

  • Personalized Career Growth: Offer tailored career growth opportunities, fostering employee satisfaction and optimizing your talent pool.

  • Enhanced Mentorship: Improve mentor-mentee relationships with our assessment tools, aligning based on skills and other coachable attributes.

  • Informed Leadership: Equip your leadership with HR data analytics, providing transparent insights into employee competencies and goals for strategic HR planning.

  • Tailored Career Planning: Move away from standardized career planning and embrace attribute-based development strategies, tailored for strategic workplace planning.

  • Reduced Bias in Succession Planning: Make competency- and skill -based successor recommendations with our talent management system to reduce unconscious biases and align with your talent strategy.

Why Invest in SAP Talent Intelligence Hub?

The Talent Intelligence Hub empowers you to make informed and unbiased decisions about your workforce, enhancing your strategic HR planning, employee satisfaction, and a sense of belonging within the company. Gain deep insights into your talent pool, identify strengths, recommend training, choose optimal successors, and make precise recruitment selections. Stay at the forefront of workforce management with ongoing SAP integration and improved ROI.

Is SAP Talent Intelligence Hub Suitable for All Companies?

The Talent Intelligence Hub is designed for medium to large enterprises across various industries with a focus on workforce analytics, human resource planning, and strategic workforce planning. If you have complex HR and workforce management needs, substantial employee data, and a desire for data-driven decision-making, this solution is tailored for you.

If you want to get a full overview of the solution, you can download our one-pager “SAP Intelligence Hub: Your Path to Smart Business Decisions”.

How Effective People Can Help

We offer a comprehensive approach that includes valuable insights and optimal configuration to facilitate your transition. The Talent Intelligence Hub is continuously evolving, providing workforce optimization and strategic workforce planning, and our ongoing support ensures your organization maintains a strong position in talent management. Join us for an enriching experience and transform the way you manage your workforce while enhancing your strategic HR planning and human resource analytics. Your journey to better talent management begins here.

SAP Gold Partner
“Effective People helped Kemira establish a seamless integration between the already implemented processes and the new processes and modules (Compensation, Talent Management, Recruiting and Learning), establishing a true global HCM solution, to support the future business needs of Kemira.”
Paula Salonen VP, HR Processes and Organizational Development, Kemira
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Unlock the potential of your worforce!

Discover the power of Talent Intelligence Hub.

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