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Gain in-depth insights into core workforce and talent data with SuccessFactors Report Story—we will help you get started!

Report Story in SuccessFactors presents your SuccessFactors data through interactive and dynamic visualizations. It is a toolset that collects data across all SuccessFactors modules through a single data model. Report Story allows you to create presentation-style reports that use charts, visualizations, text, images, and pictograms to describe data for easier consumption by HR and business decision-makers.

In Report Story, you can combine data from different modules into one report, either as separate pages or within the same page. For example, if you want to report on diversity, you may want to look at your applicant diversity, hiring diversity, and promotion diversity. These metrics are technically in three separate data sets, but with Report Story, you can combine them into one, as in the example below.

Example of Report Story

The combination of data sets across the SuccessFactors suite modules helps you achieve more accurate and consolidated reporting for your SuccessFactors modules. Report Stories enables easy story sharing if a colleague wants to use the report you’ve created.

Because Report Story is integrated into SuccessFactors and because the data does not leave SuccessFactors, it uses Role-Based Permissions. This means that business users only see the appropriate data for their roles.

Effective People has solid experience within Report Story, including building Manager Cockpit, HR Data Quality dashboard, as well as content for Employee Central, Performance Management, Recruiting Management, Onboarding, Compensation, Variable Pay, Learning Management, Succession and Development, Workflow Status and Diversity.

Analytics may be relevant, as well as others, such as Workforce Analytics or SAP Analytics Cloud. One or more of the tools mentioned may be relevant, as well as others. Effective People has solid experience in all these areas. We can also help you establish your HR Metrics Library and ensure continuous user adoption of your people-analytics investments.

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