Test Management

Benefit from SAP best practices by taking advantage of our professional test management tool.

If you need to implement a new SAP solution (or upgrade an existing one), professional test management is critical for project success. With our Quality Assurance (QA) Program, we provide a flexible and tailored approach to testing, verification, and validation activities for our different client needs, no matter your company size or industry.​

The program is based on standard testing activities that are planned as deliverables, produced at each project phase—from requirements gathering to test planning, design execution, as well as a QA governance report with key metrics to support decision-making around risk mitigation.​

Prepare - Explore - Realize - Deploy - Run

Phases 0 and 1: Prepare

Before starting testing activities, we provide an analysis of the current landscape and define future to-be target states. To ensure efficient testing practices on a project, it’s important to create standard guidelines and processes that can be replicated across client test tool instances.​

As a result of Phases 0 and 1, a collaborative document will outline the entire test strategy for your project. This document clarifies key points such as the project scope​, testing tools, roles, responsibilities, and text execution guides​. Once the standards are agreed, the scope and goals of the test strategy are clear.

Phase 2: Explore

In this phase, we conduct solution workshops in collaboration with the client. The goal is to validate the chosen solution and determine configuration values. ​In this phase, it’s important to identify master data, align organizational requirements, cleanse data, and prepare for integration​.

Phase 3: Realize

During this phase, we’ll gather, understand, and extract test cases and scripts to configure and build a test solution that best suits your organization. To ensure quality and satisfaction, our test team conducts end-to-end testing and obtains business acceptance. We ensure comprehensive planning of cutover as well as user training.

Phase 4: Deploy

In this phase, the work starts to come alive. It includes execution of transition as well as cutover plans, establishing production support processes, and going live with new and improved processes.

​Phase 5: Run

In the final phase, changes are monitored and optimized. This phase includes further stabilization ​of changes in software as well as focused resolution of outstanding issues.

Business Impact

Our Test Management Service team can execute everything you need for qualified test planning and execution, including risk reduction.

With Effective People as your Test Management partner, you get a team of highly skilled SuccessFactors experts with a long track record of successful test management strategy deployments.

To find out more, get in touch today.

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