Integration Services

Seamlessly unified processes and data with Effective People.

SAP integration is the process companies use to connect their SAP systems to other systems throughout their organization. SAP data integration is a critical part of digital transformation. When businesses can effortlessly connect their data, applications, and systems across their landscape, they can speed up project delivery to boost organizational success.

Effective People is uniquely positioned to support your cloud platform integration requirements, through leveraging our expertise within the SAP SuccessFactors suite, combined with our team’s technical competencies in developing standard SuccessFactors integration models based on the SuccessFactors APIs.

Based on the principles defined in the SuccessFactors methodology, we have developed and refined our own Interface Build Approach, a delivery methodology that is constantly evolving through multiple project lifecycles.

The approach leans on a five-step implementation process:

Prepare - explore - realize - deploy - run

Working with our clients, we analyze how to ensure the optimal interface approach, including preferred middleware technologies, build approach, bundling, roles and responsibilities, a project and activity plan with well-defined deliverables for the involved parties, and the operations and maintenance approach.

Identify list of potential interfaces - Perform comprehensice analysis of interfaces in scope - Build interfaces using Effective People's methodology aligned with SAP SuccessFactors

Our Accelerators

  • Reusable and purposeful assets (Artefacts and Integration Templates)

  • Test Scripts for easy use and user adoption

  • Inhouse built Integration Monitoring tool

Implement standard processes fast and simple - Build innovative solutions with modern tools

“Effective People helped Kemira establish a seamless integration between the already implemented processes and the new processes and modules (Compensation, Talent Management, Recruiting and Learning), establishing a true global HCM solution, to support the future business needs of Kemira.”
Paula Salonen | VP, HR Processes and Organizational Development, Kemira

Contact us for expert guidance on integrations

Effective People can guide you on any integration from SuccessFactors to your existing interfaces using proven methods and tools.

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