6 Questions That Will Help You Transform Your People Strategy

Companies across all industries need to invest in and deliver great employee experiences to achieve better business results. Considering the impact that employee experience can have on engagement, retention, and the bottom line, this has become a strategic priority for HR leaders. Human Experience Management (HXM for short) reflects the need for organizations to go beyond simply facilitating transactions to truly reinventing employee experiences.

Here are six questions to guide you as you transform your people strategy:

1. Are You Leveraging Innovative Methods to Attract Top Talent?

To stay engaged throughout the recruiting experience, candidates need frequent communication. Leveraging intelligent technologies like robotic process automation removes frustrating and time-consuming tasks so recruiters can spend more time engaging with candidates.

2. Are Your People Able to Create Meaningful Connections?

It’s essential to foster an environment where people can forge powerful and meaningful professional relationships. Being successful in a new role means a new hire feels supported and inspired even before day one. Immediately connect new hires to your company and culture by providing a personalized pre-boarding experience.

3. Are You Empowering People Through Coaching and Continuous Learning?

A dynamic environment of ongoing feedback, coaching, and learning empowers people to take charge of their development with confidence. With intelligent recommendations for learning, mentors, and career paths, people can identify new opportunities and areas to grow.

4. Are You Personalizing How You Celebrate Your People?

What motivates one employee may not motivate another. With personalized rewards and recognition, you can go beyond how people are compensated to engage and inspire your workforce.

5. Are You Able to Uncover the Key Drivers of Engagement?

When leaders and managers have access to personalized dashboards and built-in action planning, they can act in real time to reduce unwanted attrition, retain and develop top performers, and drive employee engagement.

6. Are You Providing Individualized, Engaging End-to-End Experiences?

Turn transactions that serve just the business into meaningful interactions that also serve employees. These interactions need to bring employees both tangible and emotional benefits.

How Effective People Can Help Put the Human Factor at the Heart of Your Employee Experiences

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Erik Ebert

About the author

Erik Ebert is the People Analytics & Business Development Director at Effective People.

Erik joined Effective People in 2005 and has supported organizations across industries for many years implementing digital transformation strategies to improve performance. He has a track record of building lasting relationships through a consultative approach resulting in happy, effective processes, successful engagements, effective teams, and a positive bottom line.

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