Location-Based Customer Experience Feedback Software

Unlock insights from in-store interactions.

Access real-time insights into customer interactions at your physical business locations with Qualtrics’ solution for location-based businesses. By gathering and analyzing aggregated experience data across all in-store touchpoints, you can quickly identify improvement areas throughout the customer journey. 

Key Features: Location-Based Customer Experience

Understanding and analyzing customer insights is pivotal for improving overall customer satisfaction for location-based businesses such as retail stores, hotels, and restaurants. In the following, we will explore some of the key features of the Qualtrics Location-Based Customer Experience solution.

1. Unified Customer Data from Every Touchpoint

Customer experiences extend beyond in-store interactions. Qualtrics’ omnichannel program helps to seamlessly collect and combine customer feedback from physical locations and across digital channels such as social media, websites, email, advertising placements, and FAQs.

Gathering insights from various data sources enables you and your team to optimize resource allocation, proactively identify issues, and make impactful improvements. The unified data helps you to easily pinpoint experience gaps throughout the customer journey to ensure that every touchpoint increases customer satisfaction, loyalty, and revenue.

2. Powerful Reporting Tools to Track Performance

When conducting customer experience projects, it is essential to have a starting point. Therefore, every implementation of Qualtrics customer experience solutions begins by gathering customer baseline feedback. This can include data from ongoing interactions, priority experiences, and frontline employees. With baseline data, your organization can easily keep track of its customer experience efforts. 

To effectively communicate insights from your customer experience project to your organization, the solution offers personalized dashboards for managers. These dashboards enable reporting on customer experience metrics with detailed data visualization. With role-based functionality, managers can track local performance, provide targeted coaching and recognize outstanding employee performance.

Improve Location-Based Customer Experiences with Qualtrics and Effective People

As the first Qualtrics partner in Northern Europe, we specialize in integrations to and from SAP SuccessFactors and Qualtrics, providing large-scale, highly customized 360 surveys and have successfully implemented a wide range of successful Engagement, Pulse, & Lifecycle surveys.

Our proven expertise in Qualtrics implementations, combined with a commitment to delivering exceptional customer service, has earned us the reputation as a trusted partner among clients seeking to drive business outcomes through the Qualtrics platform.

With Effective People as your implementation partner, your organization will have access to game-changing knowledge on engaging and empowering HR leaders and managers to act on insights quickly—all aimed at improving the employee experience.

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