Customer Care Experience Management

Optimize customer operations with better insights.

Effective customer care goes beyond resolving immediate issues. It is about creating lasting relationships and optimizing operational efficiency. With Qualtrics Customer Care, you gain the tools and insights needed to deliver great customer care throughout the customer journey.

Optimize Every Part of the Customer Journey

View and combine customer behavior across channels to provide customers with a coherent, optimized experience. By combining insights from traditional calls and digital channels (such as social media, chatbots, email, and FAQs), you can achieve a complete overview of all aspects of your customer care initiatives.

Instead of looking at individual customer behavior, your organization can encourage a collection of behaviors (e.g., efficiency, customer care and teamwork). This will be based on key touchpoints your customers have with the customer care team throughout their journey. To ensure early problem identification and effective resource allocation, your customer care agents can access comprehensive views of each customer’s context and history across channels.

With intuitive dashboards, you can combine your customer and agent experience metrics with your operational metrics to effectively identify and act on key drivers of customer experience.

A Customer Care implementation includes establishing baseline measures, such as Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), gathering feedback from employees and tracking Agent Performance Scores. With baseline data, your organization can easily keep track of its customer experience efforts and ensure continuous improvement.

Benefits of Qualtrics Customer Care Solution

The Customer Care Experience Management solution focuses specifically on optimizing your organization's customer contact center experience. We have listed some benefits of the solution below:

  1. Improved employee engagement: Keep your workforce engaged by combining your employee and customer experience strategy.

  2. Reduced attrition rates: Identify and resolve issues faster. 

  3. Fostered collaboration: Break down silos with an interconnected approach to customer success.

  4. Enhanced operational efficiency: Streamline your customer experience processes.

  5. Mitigated customer churn: Measure satisfaction and gather real-time feedback. 

  6. Increased customer lifetime value: Keep existing customers by improving overall customer satisfaction.

Increase Customer Satisfaction with Qualtrics’ Customer Care from Effective People

As the first Qualtrics partner in Northern Europe, we specialize in integrations to and from SAP SuccessFactors and Qualtrics, providing large-scale, highly customized 360 surveys and have successfully implemented a wide range of successful Engagement, Pulse, & Lifecycle surveys.

Our proven expertise in Qualtrics implementations, combined with a commitment to delivering exceptional customer service, has earned us the reputation as a trusted partner among clients seeking to drive business outcomes through the Qualtrics platform.

With Effective People as your implementation partner, your organization will have access to game-changing knowledge on engaging and empowering HR leaders and managers to act on insights quickly—all aimed at improving the employee experience.

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