Cross XM Analytics

Unify your customer and employee data.

Brand-, employee- and customer experiences should not stand alone. With Qualtrics’ Cross XM Analytics, you can assess all your experience data in a holistic, single platform. By connecting employee engagement and satisfaction metrics to customer feedback and bottom-line outcomes, your organization can improve and tailor its employee experience (EX) and customer experience (CX) initiatives to maximize their impact on business performance.

Key Features: Qualtrics Cross XM Analytics Software

Qualtrics Cross XM Analytics combines all your EX and CX data into one unified platform. The solution enables seamless integration and analysis of various data sources, from employee engagement results to brand tracker metrics and customer satisfaction scores. In the following, we will delve into some key benefits of the solution.

Uncover Key Drivers with Role-Based Dashboards

Identify the employee experience drivers that lead to better customer outcomes in your organization with comprehensive, role-based dashboards. Collaborating with Effective People, we can assist you in building custom dashboards to help you uncover key employee experience drivers such as clear expectations, pay & benefits, and customer experience metrics, like Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) and Net Promoter Score® (NPS). You can easily identify improvement opportunities across your Experience Management initiatives, empowering managers and employees to translate experience data insights into actionable strategies. This solution will help you uncover correlations and trends between employee- and customer-experience programs.

EX Drivers leading to CX outcomes


Streamline Data Analysis with Powerful Automation Capabilities

Analyze and act on employee and customer experience data with access to robust automation capabilities. With automated workflows and advanced, in-product analytics, you can streamline data analysis processes, eliminating manual tasks and aligning experience data across your organization.

Uncover Key Drivers for Business Performance with Qualtrics' Cross XM Analytics

As the first Qualtrics partner in Northern Europe, we specialize in integrations to and from SAP SuccessFactors and Qualtrics, providing large-scale, highly customized 360 surveys and have successfully implemented a wide range of successful Engagement, Pulse, & Lifecycle surveys.

Our proven expertise in Qualtrics implementations, combined with a commitment to delivering exceptional customer service, has earned us the reputation as a trusted partner among clients seeking to drive business outcomes through the Qualtrics platform.

With Effective People as your implementation partner, your organization will have access to game-changing knowledge on engaging and empowering HR leaders and managers to act on insights quickly—all aimed at improving the employee experience.

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