Qualtrics: Employee Experience (EX)

Qualtrics by Effective People

With Qualtrics EX as a key part of your SuccessFactors solution, you can gather employee experience data throughout the entire employee lifecycle and collect predictive and personal insights based on employee feedback. With Effective People as your implementation partner, your organization will have access to game-changing knowledge on how to engage and empower HR leaders and managers to act on insights quickly—all aimed to improve the employee experience.

As a highly experienced SAP Gold Partner, Effective People delivers consultancy and help clients wanting to integrate Qualtrics into their existing SAP SuccessFactors landscape to improve their Experience Management. We implement and deliver support within three different areas of Qualtrics Employee Experience (EX): Employee Engagement, Employee Lifecycle & Employee Benefits Optimizer.

Qualtrics Employee Engagement

Allow HR leaders and managers to act in real time by pinpointing experience, engagement, and productivity drivers. Powered by intelligent analytics, our team will support you in enabling Qualtrics EX to analyze open-text responses and run statistical analyses to predict the biggest engagement and impact drivers within an organization.

Qualtrics Employee Lifecycle

This solution delivers real-time and actionable insights on employee experiences across the entire employee journey. Effective People helps to leverage expert content from Qualtrics XM solutions to provide onboarding and exit content, workflow, and automation built into organizations’ existing HR processes.

Qualtrics Employee Benefits Optimizer

This solution uses a choice-based conjoint methodology to quickly identify benefits and compensation packages for an organization’s unique culture and budget. Most importantly, it puts employee feedback at the center of the benefits design process.

Our fully dedicated and certified Qualtrics team has the capabilities to integrate Qualtrics into your current HR talent management strategy via methodologies and best practices to empower future business decisions. Our combined SuccessFactors and Qualtrics expertise help you build your EX program for the future and create high-quality experiences for every employee.

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