What’s Your Sunset Strategy for UKG Workforce Central and Kronos Private Cloud?

Let Effective People help you to a seamless migration from SAP on-prem support to the cloud with Project Sunrise.

In October 2022, UKG announced that it’s retiring UKG Workforce Central (WFC) and KPC (Kronos Private Cloud). Kronos Cloud (KPC) will be retired on 31 December 2025 and On-Premise Workforce Central (WFC) will be retired on 31 March 2027, leaving thousands of Kronos (UKG) Workforce Central customers worldwide needing to reconsider their strategy for workforce management and time tracking within the next two to three years.

Effective People Can Help

Effective People offers advisory and implementation services for all aspects of workforce management, including Time and Attendance, Absence Management, Advanced Scheduling, and Forecasting.

We have a team of workforce management experts with decades of experience implementing UKG and other market-leading workforce management solutions. We cover organizations of all sizes across all industries, including retail, manufacturing, services, and logistics.

If you’re one of the many thousands of customers around the world who’re affected by this announcement, we can help guide you on your journey and advise you of all the options you have, ensuring you have the best workforce management solution for your needs.

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Massilia Saraoui

About the author

Massilia Saraoui heads up the Workforce Management practice at Effective People.

Massilia is a Senior SAP SuccessFactors Consultant with 6 years of experience with Workforce Software, leading end-to-end implementation and supporting clients across multiple verticals and geographies.

Massilia works with organizations across all industries to help them execute successful WFM strategies and achieve their ROI. She guides them through process design, compliance, and regulation implementation, solution optimization, maintenance strategy, and data management.​

Effective People can help you ensure a smooth transition from Workforce Central.

Book an advisory assessment with us today.

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