Mastering EU Time Tracking Regulations with SAP SuccessFactors

A Guide for Employers

Mastering EU Time Tracking Regulations with SAP SuccessFactors: A Guide for Employers

In a landmark decision, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) established a new directive for employers across the European Union in 2019: the mandatory implementation of a system to accurately track employee working hours. While initially daunting, this ruling presents a significant opportunity for businesses to enhance operational efficiency and employee well-being.

Decoding the ECJ Mandate: What EU Employers Need to Know

The ECJ's decision mandates that EU countries enforce a system enabling precise measurement of each worker's daily working hours. The implementation of this system is flexible, allowing each EU member state to tailor it according to their specific industrial and corporate environments.

This verdict aims to safeguard workers from exceeding maximum working hours and ensure proper overtime recording while guaranteeing mandatory rest periods.

With the advent of these regulations, businesses will need to adopt reliable time-tracking systems. The EU offers latitude in choosing these systems, whether paper-based or digital, but emphasizes the need for objectivity and reliability. Non-compliance could lead to significant penalties.

Effective People Solutions: Tailored Time Tracking with SAP SuccessFactors

Beyond compliance, this ruling ushers in numerous advantages. Time tracking can unveil insights into work patterns, helping to identify and rectify inefficiencies and unhealthy work habits. Excessive working hours can lead to health risks and diminished productivity. Effective time management, facilitated by accurate tracking, enhances employee well-being and optimizes business performance.

Preparing for Compliance with Effective People

Preparing for this new mandate requires selecting an appropriate time-tracking solution. Effective People has developed a solution, especially for SAP SuccessFactors customers, ensuring that your business complies with the latest EU regulations and does so with enhanced efficiency and accuracy.


About the author

Christian Holst is the Senior Director of Global Consulting Services at Effective People.

Christian Holst is an experienced solution architect and expert in SuccessFactors, SAP HCM/ERP, and SAP Cloud Platform. He has provided End-to-End guidance on HR and topics like technology choice, process advisory, roll-out, and roadmap of solutions.

Christian is professionally certified in SuccessFactors Employee Central, and certified in other modules like Learning Management, Performance & Goals.

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