How to Integrate Danish CPR Data into SAP Employee Central

Find out how to streamline your master data and reduce the risk of errors with our CPR Data Integration solution for SAP SuccessFactors.

How to Integrate Danish CPR Data into SAP Employee Central

Everyone who lives in Denmark is required to have a civil registration number called a CPR number. CPR stands for the Danish Civil Registration System, Det Centrale Personregister (CPR). For an employee to retrieve data from cpr.dk, they must subscribe to the system. In this blog post, we look at how teams can integrate this data into their SAP Employee Central implementation—and why they would want to.

A Common Application for CPR Data Integration

One of the most common uses for CPR is within client applications. In short, the process goes like this:

  1. The customer system requests data from the client application.

  2. The client application communicates with the CPR server application using CPR credentials.

  3. The server pulls the answer from the CPR database and pushes it to the CPR client, which then sends it to the customer's system.

With the help of this request, the employee can subscribe, unsubscribe, or receive current data without altering their subscription status.

In Practice—How Effective People Have Worked with CPR Data

A sizable Danish retail company approached Effective People and asked for a way to automatically update employee master data in their SuccessFactors solution. It has a large headcount, consisting primarily of Danish employees. An automatic update of master data would relieve HR of a significant amount of work that was previously done manually by updating employee data.

In Depth—Our CPR Data Integration Solution

The cpr.dk database allows requests via an API call. A client application bridging the customer’s ecosystem with this database is therefore unnecessary. By utilizing the open source code provided by cpr.dk to connect to the CPR server, Effective People was able to move the solution directly to the cloud.

Effective People’s solution is an integration flow built on the Cloud Integration Platform. This integration flow verifies whether an employee was hired, rehired, or terminated since the last program run. Based on these events, it’s determined whether an employee ought to be subscribed to or unsubscribed from the CPR system. During the subscription process, the current personal and address data are returned and updated in the SuccessFactors system in real time. Updates are performed for the current address, and whenever an address is protected, the data is hidden.

Information is also updated in SuccessFactors, and the address is hidden in all data portlets. If required, basic personal data available in CPR is updated. All actions are monitored with a Data Replication Monitor Tool built into SuccessFactors, which allows the admin to check which data has been updated as well as receive mail notifications if any technical errors occur.

Requests are sent based on the scheduled timer functionality standards for the Cloud Integration Platform, but it’s possible to use the Integration Manager extension to enable requests on-demand and get replies in real time.

What Business Impact Can You Expect?

With this simple solution, you’ll experience improved data quality, as master data is automatically updated when an employee is hired, rehired, terminated, or placed on global assignment. This significantly reduces the risk of data errors in your SAP SuccessFactors solution. Contact us today to learn more.


About the author

Patryk Janusz is a BTP Solution Architect at Effective People.

Patryk is experienced in all areas of the SAP SuccessFactors suite, SAP Cloud Platform Integration, and Dell Boomi. ​He has over 5 years of experience with SAP SuccessFactors and SAP HCM and has deep technical knowledge of scripting and building custom solutions (SCPI, Dell Boomi, and ABAP).​

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