One of the Best SAP Houses in Denmark

“The clock is ticking in the SAP market.”

Those are the words from a new article in the Danish IT magazine Computerworld, announcing the best SAP integrators in Denmark. Effective People came in second out of 100 Top SAP Integrators.

They are of course referring to one of the biggest challenges facing SAP customers these days, namely the emerging deadline for moving from SAP on-premise to cloud. SAP has announced that all maintenance on the old system stops in 2025. As SAP is moving in a far more user-friendly direction, we have seen a shift of paradigms when it comes to technical knowledge.

The old way of viewing technical competencies is disappearing from the market, as technical outsourcing is becoming less common, and the demand for consultants with SAP cloud experience and business intelligence is on the rise.

A small, local SAP SuccessFactors partner goes global

How did Effective-People in just a few years grow from a small local SAP SuccessFactors partner to a global practice with +225 SAP SuccessFactors consultants and +1000 delivered SAP Successfactors projects?

As a small Danish consultant house with increasing international growth over the last couple of years, we wanted to focus on having more representation in our EMEA customers’ countries and markets. We found it increasingly harder to attract qualified SAP competence in the Nordic countries. So, we started to think bigger.

From a small Danish Company to Global Operator

In just a few years, we have gone from being a small Danish company to a global operator, with +4000 employees in 32 countries and a global customer base. When SAP bought SuccessFactors, the need to become a global player became even more important in order to maintain a position in the market.

So, instead of losing innovation while outsourcing, or trying to attract international SAP experts to Denmark, we decided to simply let our company go global.

We are now an international company with the ability to deliver our services over a broad geographical area. This is possible because we have a lean and effective delivery model where we have peeled off all unnecessary processes and shaped our organization to suit our market and clients' expectations. As a result, we have great customers and awesome colleagues and we work with great partners.

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Finn Wichmann Lund

About the author

Finn Wichmann Lund, Head of Global Sales for Effective People.

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