Migration of LMS to SAP Cloud Identity Services

If you want SuccessFactors native users to continue to have access to the LMS, you’ll need to integrate LMS with IAS (SAP Cloud Identity Services).

Have you ever seen this warning when entering SF LMS as LMS Admin?

SAP SuccessFactors Native Login Deprecation Warning

SAP SuccessFactors Native Login Deprecation Warning

If you've encountered the above warning, you likely have users native to LMS.

Can your users still access LMS?

If you have seen the warning, it indicates that you probably have one or more users who were created directly within SAP SuccessFactors LMS and do not have a link back to SAP SuccessFactors HCM (Employee Central or Employee Profile). These users might have been created for testing purposes or to log in natively to SuccessFactors LMS. If you're using LMS Sites for your external workforce, these users may have created profiles using the Learning Site option. Regardless of how they were created, they now only have user profiles in LMS.

If you want these users to continue to have access to the LMS, you’ll need to integrate LMS with IAS (SAP Cloud Identity Services).

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About the author

Niels Peter Johansson is the SAP SuccessFactors SME of Learning Experience at Effective People.

Niels is an SAP SuccessFactors Professional Certified Learning consultant and has more than 25 years of experience in the areas of IT, HR, and learning. He collaborates with companies to guarantee the best support for learning, education, and proficiency building.

Niels is also well-versed in Agile Team Management (SCRUM Master), Quality Assurance, Testing and Troubleshooting, Content Management Systems (CMS), E-Learning Production, and integrations to LMS.

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