Explore the New Integrated Learning Experience for SAP SuccessFactors LMS

Get familiar with the new integrated learning experience for SAP SuccessFactors LMS in the 2H 2023 release.

SAP SuccessFactors 2H 2023 Release Highlights: Gain full access to our comprehensive release library, including recordings, slides and eBooks.

As part of the 2H 2023 release, the user interface (UI) in SAP SuccessFactors Learning Management Software (LMS) got a facelift. With the new learning experience, the goal is to engage and motivate learners with prioritized content. Learners will find it easier to complete their mandatory assignments on time and stay on top of their self-directed learning. The new learning experience also provides contextual recommendations to support continuous upskilling.

Watch the video: SAP SuccessFactors offers a sneak peek at the new integrated learning experience

What to expect?

What do we know about the new integrated learning experience?

The new integrated learning experience has some prerequisites. The system will consist of a more modern UI. Learners can switch the new integrated learning experience on or off in their SAP SuccessFactors LMS system using a simple toggle switch. Admins can decide if the new integrated learning experience should be available. Not all features from the existing UI were present in the 2H 2023 release. Learners can switch between the new and the legacy experience for specific features.

This release is the first of many for the new integrated learning experience. Subsequent releases, extending beyond 2024, will continue to elevate the learning landscape. This first release focuses on the learning UI. Later releases will include updates for instructors, managers, and administrators.

What do we expect from the new integrated learning experience?

Effective People expects a more modernized UI for SAP SuccessFactors LMS users. For more straightforward navigation, learning assignments (items and curricula) will be organized in horizontal lanes. The curricula pie tile will be replaced with labels on the actual courses in a horizontal scroll feature (shown in the following image). At the course level, a new feature will allow you to create a downloadable calendar file (.ics) so you can reserve dedicated focus time for learning. Peer, manager, and admin-suggested content will appear in the “Recommended for You” section.


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What’s next?

Effective People’s Recommendations

To prepare users for this change, we recommend that you:

    Enable the new integrated learning experience in your test environment, since the system will become the only learning experience going forward.

    Have test users validate that the 2H 2023 release is compatible with your company's needs.

    Start informing your employees about the new UI changes (sneak peeks, newsletters, etc.).

Production Timing

Consider not going into production until the next update is available (possibly 1H 2024). Effective People believes that the learner UI is missing too many system features to use it in production just yet.

As an SAP Partner, Effective People has seen design mock-up demos of the new experience. Uncertainties remain about what will be delivered in October 2023. But things can change! Maybe the new integrated learning experience will offer some positive surprises in the 2023 release.

Features Not Available in the 2H 2023 Release

The following features is not available in the first release of the new integrated learning experience:


    Custom tiles

    Links tile

    My Team tile (for managers)

    Learning History tile

    Access for external LMS site users

Reminder: You can still access these features by toggling between the new learning environment and the legacy environment.

Prerequisites for Using the New Integrated Learning Experience

The settings are configured in Learning Administration:

    The Learning Integration status between the LMS and BizX must be Sealed (the update made under BizX configuration inside the SuccessFactors LMS).

    CourseHomeBlended must be enabled.


About the author

Niels Peter Johansson is the SAP SuccessFactors SME of Learning Experience at Effective People.

Niels is an SAP SuccessFactors Professional Certified Learning consultant and has more than 25 years of experience in the areas of IT, HR, and learning. He collaborates with companies to guarantee the best support for learning, education, and proficiency building.

Niels is also well-versed in Agile Team Management (SCRUM Master), Quality Assurance, Testing and Troubleshooting, Content Management Systems (CMS), E-Learning Production, and integrations to LMS.

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