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Companies generate and store a wide range of documents for personnel purposes: contracts, confirmations, promotion letters, and event invitations among others. However, the processes used by companies for document generation and storage often vary globally. Documents are generated using local office templates, printed out, and often signed physically before they are stored in physical file cabinets.

When going digital, companies have a need for document generation and archive for all employees. Because many documents will need proof of receipt, an approval digital signature capability is important to support flexible approval workflows and improve customer and employee experiences.

A solution should support every process from document creation, document template management, document eSignature, and document storage to document viewing and management. Further, it should uphold compliance regulations and increase efficiency during processes such as onboarding procedures, performance reviews and recruiting decisions. SAP SuccessFactors does not have an adequate solution to address all these processes or a solution-wide offering and instead relies on partners to implement document generation and document filing. 

EP Document Management Solution—Powered by HuRis

The following is an overview of Effective People’s Document Management Solution. Our digital cloud solution supports every phase in SuccessFactors that includes document generation abilities.


What is Digital Document Management?

Why is it Relevant for SAP SuccessFactors?

Document management—or document automation—is the process of automatically generating personalized, branded, and data-filled documents with the goal of creating, receiving, or storing them completely in the cloud. It is an efficient way to significantly reduce hours spent on manual document work.

The need to generate, store, secure, and manage master data will arise in several HR processes, such as recruiting and onboarding. With Effective People’s Document Management Solution fully embedded in your SAP SuccessFactors solution, you’ll experience full support for digital signatures, including a range of different vendors such as DocuSign, Adobe Sign, VeriSign, Scrive, and more.​ Further, no employee data is stored locally—this data is only stored in the SAP SuccessFactors cloud​. Data storage in the cloud enables you to comply with legislation in relation to data retention management (for instance within the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation [GDPR]), for example, how long you are allowed to store employee data.

Store and Organize All Employee Documents in One Place

A digital personnel file provides you with direct and centralized access to all employee documents. The current experience of locating personnel files within SAP SuccessFactors is not ideal—documents are scattered in different parts of the system, making it challenging to retrieve the files you need when you need them. With our solution, that issue is fixed. Like a digital file cabinet, all employee files are stored in one single place through a coherent, searchable folder structure for each employee. It is a complete digital file using the SAP SF Role-Based Permission framework​ (RBP). Other advantages include:

  • Modern, user-friendly user interface (UI) with mobile support.

  • Web-based editor that allows for live editing by utilizing well-known tags from SAP SuccessFactors.

  • Mass change functionality for upload and deletion of documents​.

  • Flexible retention period—upholding individual retention and deletion periods according to different document types.

  • Document compliance​—ensuring all new hires have all required documents.

  • Document routing—seamlessly monitoring and moving documents to the correct locations at all stages of the document lifecycle.

  • Document search options—enabling extensive search options across document types. 

  • Template-based setup—allowing customized templates to fit business-specific requirements or processes.

Features and Benefits of EP Document Management Solution

Fully Integrated with SAP SuccessFactors

  • Added to relevant menus in SAP SuccessFactors for ease-of-use.

  • Automatic generation of documents based on planned SAP SuccessFactors events.

  • Utilizes existing authorizations in SAP SuccessFactors (role-based permissions).

Simple Template Management

  • Manage templates in the online editor with rich formatting options and embedded features to support document generation.

  • Use dynamic fields, images, and calculated fields.

  • Define mandatory and optional fields.

  • Apply security rules to templates to manage certain access for specific teams, legal entities, etc.

Versatile Processing of Documents

  • Bulk generation of documents.

  • Flexible email options. 

  • Digital signing through integration vendors. 

  • Automatically save documents in a digital personnel file. 

  • Flexible configuration and monitoring of retention periods.

  • Extensive document search.

Complete Your Hire Processes on Any Device

The Employee Document Manager offers a modern, streamlined UI experience that is identical for all roles. With the responsive design, you’ll be able to perform identical tasks on mobile as well as in a web browser. To ensure an optimal UI experience and include further features, Effective People will conduct continuous improvements on the system.


Document Generation

EP Document Management Solution includes a document generation tool. It is a web editor, similar to Microsoft Word. Whether you want to create a template to make a hire letter, performance letter, or event invitation, the tool can assist you. Further features include:​

  • Template creation​.

  • Adjustments to existing templates​.

  • Adjustments to live documents​.

  • Adjustments to generated documents before sending for a signature.​

The editor will also be used for system features such as emails, notifications, and news​.


What to Know More?

Through our partnership with SAP, Effective People has completed more than 1,000 successful SAP projects and supported more than 150 clients. Our proven approaches and frameworks enable your employees to leverage SAP technology to improve performance and deliver key business outcomes. Our global team of experienced consultants can help your organization achieve a successful HR transformation journey with SAP SuccessFactors.


About the author

Christian Holst is the Senior Director of Global Consulting Services at Effective People.

Christian Holst is an experienced solution architect and expert in SuccessFactors, SAP HCM/ERP, and SAP Cloud Platform. He has provided End-to-End guidance on HR and topics like technology choice, process advisory, roll-out, and roadmap of solutions.

Christian is professionally certified in SuccessFactors Employee Central, and certified in other modules like Learning Management, Performance & Goals.

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