Stay Ahead of the Curve with Our SAP SuccessFactors Health Check

Ensure optimized performance through a valuable assessment of your SAP environment.

In today's business landscape, SAP SuccessFactors presents itself as a valuable tool for organizations seeking a robust platform to bolster their HR workflows and operations.

While its potential to elevate business processes is undeniable, technology can pose challenges in the absence of adequate support and mechanisms. There are instances where software might falter due to minor glitches. In such cases, companies should consider a more measured approach to address the underlying issues instead of hastily resorting to a complete overhaul.

It's crucial to recognize that the life cycle of a technology implementation remains an ongoing endeavor, ensuring your environment remains current and fully operational. Even post-go-live, certain steps are pivotal to nurture your implementation and prevent it from stagnating or becoming obsolete. Though continuous support is the standard approach for safeguarding technology, processes, and personnel post-initial deployment, some situations require a more comprehensive intervention. A thorough technology health assessment can prove invaluable for businesses that perceive their systems as inadequate or not fulfilling their intended roles.

A comprehensive health analysis entails an evaluation of your existing technology and processes in relation to your defined objectives. Collaborating with a consulting partner, you delve deep into every facet of your solution, discerning its functional areas, weak points, and areas demanding refinement. Following the initial appraisal, the consulting partner lays out a roadmap to guide your organization and its technology toward aligning with desired standards. This roadmap could encompass anything from minor system updates to a complete overhaul of specific modules or even the entire platform.

When should you think about a system health check? These are some qualifying questions:

  • Was your implementation more than 2 years ago?

  • Do you have regular checks on your system (support, maintenance, health statuses)?

  • Are you running into issues with your system that clogs up day-to-day tasks?

  • Do you feel that your technology supports your processes or that your processes depend on your system?

  • Do you have a support contract in place?

  • Have there been any significant business events, such as mergers or acquisitions?

After reviewing the questions, do you feel that your organization would benefit from a quick assessment of your SAP environment to improve day-to-day activities?

Book a SAP Health Check today.


About the author

Troy Catlett is a Senior Director of Implementation and Consulting Services in North America & Canada at Effective People. He has worked with SAP since 2018.

Troy has over 20 years of relevant industry experience with human capital management solutions. Troy manages the delivery of SAP Success Factors solutions and support services for the Americas region.

He effectively interfaces with executives, business and technical professionals, vendors, and customers to deliver innovative results and generate customer value.

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