Application Management

Application Management by Effective People

Application Management Services is a crucial part of the lifecycle process for software applications, including how an application operates, its maintenance, version control, and upgrades from start to finish.

With our Application Management Services, you can keep systems current and drive optimal performance by efficiently deploying, upgrading, testing, and maintaining their cloud-based systems post-go-live. Based on solid experiences and continuous improvements, we can offer value-enhancing guidance based on customer-specific business requirements.​

With our vast experience implementing SuccessFactors in global organizations, Effective People offers customer-focused release reviews and detailed evaluations by an experienced team that knows your configuration​. Due to the innovation pace, customers need to have a permanent focus on updates and new inventions in the product suite​, ever-evolving business requirements, updating roadmaps and understanding the impacts of new features across the suite.

Our approach

We draw on our extensive knowledge and establishment in the client project team with our Application Management Services that runs on proactive systems - supporting integration monitoring and issue resolution. Your organization will gain insights into SAP Release Information Tools & Knowledge Sites​. Our experienced consultants have designed an evaluation toolkit (Excel-based solution) to improve your processes to meet future needs and goals. Effective People ensures a high level of coordination & alignment with SAP Support, SAP Preferred Care, and SAP CEE.

Some of the services vi include in our AMS


    Problem resolution

    Configuration / Development

    User training

    Assistance with reporting

    Custom support contracts centered around customer-specific needs

    Flexible Service Level Agreements

Business Impact

Based on solid experiences and continuous improvements, we can offer value-enhancing guidance based on customer-specific business requirements. With Application Management Services from Effective People, you get access to biannual solution release cycles, compliance requirements, and technical integrations​. We host biannual community meetings as a service to keep our customers up to date and prepared for changes.​

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