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The SuccessFactors suite has a classic framework for creating analytics to fulfill your reporting needs. These tools are considered classic because - in time - they will be replaced by the newer Report Story or the Workforce Analytics solution. Some reporting features work straight out of the box, while others require either enablement, training, or support. Either way, Effective People can help you get the most out of your reporting data and dashboards.

Tiles and Dashboards

SAP SuccessFactors delivers a range of standard dashboards using the built in YouCalc reporting engine. These are simple-to-use dashboards aimed at ensuring that your talent processes can be monitored, and issues identified in real-time. Examples include the Performance & Goal Management Dashboard, Competency Dashboard, and Recruiting Dashboard. The target users are line managers and HR users in your organization.

It's possible, via the Report Center, to build custom visualizations of employee and talent data in Dashboards. The tile builder allows you to create visual representations of simple pivot tables such as pie charts, bar charts, or line charts. Possibilities include headcount split by gender, performance rating average per business unit, and many more. The target users are line managers and HR users.

You can use the Report Center tool dashboard to combine standard tiles and custom tiles into custom dashboards. This can be especially useful for line managers and HR users.

Most of the capabilities in Tile and Dashboards are today also available in Report Story which Effective People recommends as starting point.

Table Report

Report Table is a list view reporting tool. Target users include HR and IT users who need to create simple list views of talent and employee data. While the tool doesn’t allow for features such as calculated columns, pivot tables, or visualizations, it’s commonly used to create comprehensive lists of data—for example, lists of employees, goals, performance forms, or logins to the system. This feature is available out of the box in SuccessFactors. Table reports are designed as a self-service, non-technical reporting tool but adoption is fading as there are other tools getting more widespread use.

Most of the capabilities in Table Report are today also available in Report Story which Effective People recommends as starting point. However, if you need to schedule a list based this is possible with Table Report only.

Canvas Report

Report Canvas is a more advanced ad-hoc reporting and visual reporting feature. Target users include HR and IT users who need more complex list views of talent and employee data along with supporting multi-page reports with pivots and simple visualizations. This feature is available out of the box in SuccessFactors. Canvas is designed as a self-service, non-technical reporting tool with wide adoption for Employee Central. Adoption is fading in other domains such as Recruiting, Performance, Goals, and Succession as the Report Story is becoming more mature with more capabilities

LMS Plateau Report Designer (PRD)

SuccessFactors Learning Management Plateau Report Designer –PRD for short - is an LMS-specific reporting tool that has been available for many years. SuccessFactors LMS comes with a range of standard reports in PRD and has the ability to adjust these and build new reports.

PRS allows to create certificate overviews, learning completion status, enrolment reports, and curricula-based reports. Output can be lists or visualizations. PRD is a tool that you can use to create your own custom reports or modify existing reports so and publish them in the LMS. While very flexible and therefore immensely popular for many years, Effective People recommends looking at Report Story as an alternative for LMS reporting.

Concluding Remarks

All dashboards and analytics respect SuccessFactors Role-Based Permissions because the data does not leave the secure data center. Sharing reports and dashboards is performed through SuccessFactors Report Centre and you can share reports with individual users or groups of users, depending on what best suits your needs.

Building actionable HR reporting and analytics requires domain knowledge, company knowledge, and knowledge of reporting. Effective People provides domain and tool knowledge; you provide the company knowledge. Our report-building methodology including a workbook specification template comes ready to use. This will kickstart the process, make the development lean and effective, and help you gain a reliable view of your workforce. Furthermore, we can help you decide on what tools to use, whether it is Report Story, Workforce Analytics, or a 3rd party reporting tool.

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