DHI Ensures Fair Compensation Management with SAP SuccessFactors

Discover how DHI, a global leader in the water sector, transitioned from manual compensation processes to a streamlined system using SAP SuccessFactors.

About DHI

DHI is a leading global advisory company. The company combines deep domain knowledge and advanced technology to innovate new ways to use, manage, and live with water and to protect water-related ecosystems. DHI employs around 1,100 people in 26 countries, and their solutions and technology enable clients in 115 countries to improve their sustainability efforts.

The Challenge

Manual, Time-Consuming Compensation Processes

Previously, DHI lacked an internal system to manage compensation, relying instead on cumbersome manual processes. They needed a globally consistent best practice and an audit-proof system that DHI could implement quickly—from June to February—to avoid disruption during the annual salary review period. DHI selected SAP SuccessFactors for its simplicity, modularity, and scalability.

“The decision to adopt SAP SuccessFactors has transformed our approach to compensation management. This system’s simplicity, modularity, and scalability perfectly aligned with our needs, surpassing our expectations and fundamentally enhancing how we value and manage our workforce.”
Radka Lopomo | CoE HR Processes and Systems, DHI

The Solution

Transparent, Fair Compensation Planning with SAP SuccessFactors

DHI chose to partner with Effective People to implement the SAP SuccessFactors Compensation module. The cloud-based HR solution allows the organization to have one transparent, fair, and performance-based compensation system that aligns with and supports DHI’s corporate values and goals.

DHI and Effective People rolled out the solution across 26 countries in just a few weeks, demonstrating the flexibility and expertise of both Effective People and DHI. The implementation team from Effective People left a strong impression with their excellent communication and supportive approach.

“Partnering with Effective People to implement SAP SuccessFactors was a phenomenal experience. Their dedication to our success was clear at every stage, ensuring a seamless and effective integration within our strict timelines.”
Radka Lopomo | CoE HR Processes and Systems, DHI

Business Impact

Implementing SAP SuccessFactors Compensation for Enhanced Efficiency and Consistency

The new system streamlined compensation management across DHI, allowing the creation and management of strategic compensation programs that meet the needs of its employees, business, and budget. Automated workflows reduced administrative tasks significantly, enabling HR to concentrate on strategic initiatives. 

After DHI implemented SAP SuccessFactors, its entire compensation campaign, supporting 130 leaders, can now be managed by just one full-time employee, whereas previously it required three full-time employees

Data-Driven Decision-Making

The SAP SuccessFactors Report Story enables DHI to make informed compensation decisions based on real-time data and analysis, providing presentation-style reports that offer valuable insights for ongoing process improvement.

Increased Employee Satisfaction and Transparency

In collaboration with Effective People, DHI developed a transparent compensation framework that enhances employee trust and engagement. Calibration tools ensure equitable compensation decisions, free from bias, furthering the company’s commitment to equal pay and closing the gender pay gap.

“Transitioning to SAP SuccessFactors has revolutionized our compensation management. What used to be a fragmented and manual system is now a streamlined, strategic process that boosts fairness and efficiency across our international operations.”
Radka Lopomo | CoE HR Processes and Systems, DHI

What’s Next?

As DHI continues to expand, SAP SuccessFactors provides the scalability necessary to meet evolving business demands, supporting the company’s growth trajectory.

“DHI’s implementation of SAP SuccessFactors set a new benchmark in compensation management. They moved from cumbersome manual processes to a strategic, automated approach that supports their growth and embodies their commitment to fair and transparent practices.”
Alexandre Pelletier | Project Manager, Effective People


The implementation of SAP SuccessFactors at DHI is a landmark achievement in its journey toward operational excellence. With a robust, transparent, and scalable compensation solution in place, DHI is well-prepared to continue leading the water sector and promoting sustainable growth.

“With SAP SuccessFactors, DHI has significantly enhanced its compensation strategy. The system’s transparency and equity are now at the forefront of our processes, enabling us to manage and execute compensation globally with unparalleled ease and precision.”
Corporate Statement | DHI

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