SAP SuccessFactors Release Schedule 2H 2023

Get the complete overview of the 2H 2023 SAP SuccessFactors release to ensure efficient and well-thought-out release processes.

SAP SuccessFactors 2H 2023 release materials: Gain full access to our comprehensive library.

What are the release dates for SAP SuccessFactors 2H 2023?

SAP SuccessFactors releases occur twice per year, and they have just announced the release schedule for the whole of 2023. Based on customer feedback, SAP SuccessFactors will provide a five-week preview prior to production releases.

2023 SuccessFactors Release Dates

    Second Half 2023 Release: Preview - Friday, October 20 2023/Production: Friday, November 17, 2023

As usual, non-disruptive, business-critical, or compliance-related fixes will continue to occur within regularly scheduled maintenance windows.

What Is Effective People's Release Management Service?

Effective People’s release management service aims to evaluate new features in every biannual SAP SuccessFactors release. All release items will be evaluated for suitability, priority, and impact, as well as cross-module evaluation. Our experts will provide recommendations on whether release items should be considered for adoption.

Each item could be categorized as:




    Configuration required

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By utilizing our release management service, you can better inform your business about priorities and stay up to date on upcoming focus areas by understanding the long-term product roadmap.

About Our Release Management Workshops

Due to SAP SuccessFactors’ fast pace of innovation, particularly for cross-module improvements that aren’t possible during an implementation, organizations need to embrace continuous improvement along with efficiency and innovation.​ In order to successfully drive, plan, and manage your SAP SuccessFactors solution, Effective People offers release management through customized workshops and services with our SuccessFactors experts.

In our workshops, you’ll:

    Learn what’s new in the latest release and what you should prioritize

    Gauge the impact of the latest release items, both in terms of specific modules and in terms of cross-module processes and dependencies​

    Gain awareness of how new releases may impact your existing functionalities

Our Release Review Approach


Benefits of a Release Review

    Ensure release implementation processes are well-planned, managed, and executed

    Gain familiarity with the upcoming release, its effect, and its relevance to your company

    Obtain input on your configuration updates—now and in the future

    Experience the advantages of an updated release item tracker, including impact assessment and prioritization tailored to your organization

Watch SuccessFactors Expert Dirch Cornelsen sharing his Top Tip on Release Management here:

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