Payroll Migration Tool: From SAP Payroll On-Prem to EC Payroll

Payroll Migration Tool

Project Sunrise is a combination of tools and programs that allows customers to accelerate the transition from SAP HCM On-Premise Payroll to SuccessFactors Employee Central Payroll.

Seamless Migration:

• Custom Technical Objects
• Custom Reports
• Enhancements
• Payroll Schema, Personnel Calculation Rules, Feature, Functions, etc.
• Payroll Configuration Contents

Target Group

The target group for this program is customers with an SAP on-prem solution already in place who wants to:
• Make the move to the cloud without losing existing customizations.
• Cut implementation time in half
• Save cost on delivery
• Get a seamless rollout of SuccessFactors EC Payroll

7 Easy Steps

1. Analysis to understand customer On-Premise SAP Payroll system
2. Conduct a workshop to compare the feasibility between Employee Central, On-Premise SAP, and Employee Central Payroll
3. Analyze and Identify entities to be copied (This includes custom programs, payroll-related configurations, PCRs, etc.)
4. Workshops/Playback of the findings, deviations, and documentation
5. Move and build configuration to ECP
6. Go through the test phases – unit testing, UAT, and parallel Runs
7. Go Live!

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Vikkesh Bhatt

About the author

Vikkesh Bhatt is the Director of Consulting Services EMEA South at Effective People.

Vikkesh is a professionally certified SuccessFactors Employee Central (EC) and Employee Central Payroll (ECP) Solution Architect/Advisor with 17+ years of knowledge within SAP SuccessFactors and Human Resources core competencies.

Vikkesh blogs about Employee Central Payroll and related HR topics.

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