What is SAP Talent Intelligence Hub?

Get a complete overview of SAP's AI-powered skills framework to help you understand, build, and leverage the skills of your workforce.

What is SAP Talent Intelligence Hub?

Think of SAP Talent Intelligence Hub as your indispensable ally in managing your company's talent. It's like having a brilliant HR collaborator with a bag full of expertise—it fuses advanced technology and HR wisdom, unlocking fresh opportunities and seamlessly melding with your current modules to optimize the user experience.

Core Components of the Talent Intelligence Hub:

Skills Ontology: Drawing from a vast pool of external databases and global job postings, this feature ensures a holistic and continuously updated perspective of the most sought-after skills in today's workforce.

Attributes Library: This is a centralized hub that consolidates all attribute types you've selected for use within your SuccessFactors, addressing both individual and organizational requirements.

Growth Portfolio: More than just a dashboard, this is a space designed for nurturing employee growth in alignment with organizational goals. Built on the whole-self model, it recognizes that an employee's success extends beyond mere skills, factoring in aspects like work style, aspirations, motivation, education, communication preferences, and more.

The Whole Self Model

SAP The Whole Self Model


With the Talent Intelligence Hub, your organization not only gains invaluable insights into industry-recognized skills essential for pivotal roles but also can tailor a unique set of skills crucial for your company's success. Moreover, it provides clarity, presenting each employee's attributes to managers. Some of the features mentioned will be even further developed in 2024.

Here are some ways the Talent Intelligence Hub can elevate your HR game:

Data Collection: SAP Talent Intelligence Hub excels as an ultra-effective data gatherer. It compiles crucial insights about your employees, including their skills, performance, and other Whole-Self Model attributes. Think of it as your digital HR dossier for every team member.

Data Analysis: Picture yourself with a super-advanced magnifying glass. This tool closely examines the data it gathers, unveiling trends and patterns. It identifies star performers and individuals who might need a little extra support. It's like a spotlight on your HR landscape.

Recommendations: Just like a seasoned HR advisor, it offers valuable suggestions. For example, it might recommend tailored training programs to enhance employee skills or guide you in fostering a more inclusive workplace. It's like having a seasoned HR mentor by your side.

Efficiency Boost: It's akin to having a personal efficiency coach. This tool identifies opportunities to streamline HR processes, making tasks more manageable.

Integration with Other Tools: SAP Talent Intelligence Hub is a team player. It seamlessly integrates with other HR software, ensuring they work in harmony. It's like getting your HR tools to talk to each other, enhancing overall efficiency.

Seven examples of how the Talent Intelligence Hub can support you:

  1. Recommend learning content tailored to employees.

  2. Suggest potential candidates during the recruitment phase.

  3. Match employees within dynamic teams to minimize bias and optimize team synergy.

  4. Personalize career growth opportunities.

  5. Enhance mentor-mentee pairings based on skills and other coachable attributes.

  6. Offer managers a clear view of employee competencies and aspirations.

  7. Improve career planning via attribute-based development for both individuals and groups.


In a nutshell, SAP Talent Intelligence Hub stands as your ultimate HR partner. It gathers, analyzes, and surfaces data as well as recommends actions to empower your decision-making. With the SAP Talent Intelligence Hub, you're not just adapting to the evolving world of HR—you're staying ahead of it.

How to Get Started

Explore the Talent Intelligence Hub with Effective People. We offer a comprehensive approach that includes valuable insights and an optimal configuration to facilitate your transition. As Talent Intelligence Hub continues to evolve, rely on our unwavering support to maintain your organization's leading position in talent management. Join us for a transformative experience.


About the author

Sabrina Hocain-Guicharrouse is the SME of SAP Talent Intelligence Hub at Effective People. She has more than 8 years of experience with SAP SuccessFactors and is a Certified Associate in SAP SuccessFactors Performance & Goals Management and Learning Management. She has successfully implemented various SAP SuccessFactors LMS module projects, including data migration.

Sabrina also has extensive experience with end-to-end implementation of Qualtrics EX. She has led more than 10 Qualtrics EX projects, amongst Engagement, 360 and Lifecycle solutions across various industries.

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