Master the Cloud Mindset

Why is it necessary to adopt a cloud mindset? Get our tips on how to achieve a sustainable governance model in your business.

There is huge potential in adopting a cloud mindset but taking advantage of it requires a completely different way of working—a fundamental shift in thinking.

Given that the cloud is both a catalyst and a product of disruption and innovation, a cloud mindset describes the way in which problems and opportunities are approached and utilized—as influenced by cloud applications and their operating structure—to achieve business outcomes. For example, while infrastructure decision-making in a traditional IT environment might be highly structured and predictable, a cloud mindset emphasizes experimentation, learning, iteration and continuous change.

Effective Governance

Successful organizations balance the growth mindset that the cloud brings alongside effective governance. Governance (the framework that describes the rules, relationships, policies, systems, and processes by which decisions are made within a business and that ensures a set of collaboration principles between the organization, HR, IT, and the vendor) is not aimed at slowing down cloud adoption, but it is important in terms of implementing guardrails to enable teams to select, implement, and operate the right solutions.

A Sustainable Approach

An effective governance strategy prioritizes a selection process that is based on a structured evaluation of the product across all aspects—technically, commercially, and in terms of its delivery model. The desired outcome is an HRIS that is aligned with the business’s objectives in every way. The main objectives for implementation would be ensuring that the schedule, budget, quality, and change-management aspects of the project deliver a quality business outcome, with value maximized and costs contained. Governance processes for the operations phase focus on business and system support, together with continuous improvement, so that services are delivered as originally defined.

5 Tips for a Sustainable Governance Model


1. Establish detailed, documented objectives and accountabilities/KPIs.

2. Ensure visible endorsement and commitment from the executive team.

3. Use a multi-tiered approach to deliver appropriate levels of detail to decision-makers.

4. Maintain a proactive mandate so that governance is future facing and not reactive.

5. Provide transparency in decision-making and reporting through the right level of review by appropriately qualified and authorized representatives.

Make governance a key part of the management agenda and design a model that fits in with the organizational culture and norms to improve compliance.

How can Effective People Help?

Cloud HR software providers like SAP SuccessFactors have revolutionized people processes. While the system is standardized and can be rolled out on a global scale, the cloud is ever evolving. This means that organizations need to embrace continuous improvement alongside efficiency and innovation. Often, a one-size-fits-all approach does not work.

With 20 years of industry experience, and having partnered with SAP SuccessFactors since 2005, Effective People has market-leading expertise in helping clients understand the business impact of HR so that they can focus on driving long-term, sustainable transformation. Our clients are typically category leaders in their industry looking for ways to streamline people operations, gain actionable insights from people data, run payroll and workforce management with less effort, and improve overall employee and manager experiences.

Moving your HR processes to the cloud might seem like a huge undertaking. Indeed, there are several complexities to consider and important decisions to make but working with a team of specialists will put you in a position to reap the rewards of what is fast becoming a must-have step for business continuity and organizational success. Contact us for more information.

If you want to learn more about how to build your business case for HR in the cloud, you can download our eBook "Human Resources in the Cloud: A Perspective from Effective People".

Erik Ebert

About the author

Erik Ebert is a Senior Director at Effective People and heads up the Compensation & Benefits team.

With over 20 years of experience in the tech industry, he has supported organizations across industries, implementing digital transformation strategies to improve performance. Erik holds 7 SAP SuccessFactors professional certificates and also serves as an SAP SuccessFactors Confidant, advising the SAP HR cloud team on market development and innovation.

Erik has a vast knowledge of analytics and HR, including Core HR, Competency Management, Talent Management, Compensation, Bonus Programmes, Recruitment and Workforce Analytics.

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