How to Expedite Your SuccessFactors Implementation With a Preconfigured Solution

The Innovation Behind the Base Model Approach for SAP SuccessFactors

After several clients mentioned to us the challenges associated with getting the most out of their SAP SuccessFactors solution with limited in-house resources, we developed the idea of the Base Model Approach. Instead of simply asking our clients what they have in mind and risking building a cluttered system with unnecessary customizations, our SAP SuccessFactors subject matter experts developed a preconfigured SAP SuccessFactors solution that provides a proven starting point and allows you to make qualified decisions based on an existing setup with minimal maintenance.

Advantages to using our Base Model Approach include:

    Simplified requirement identification process

    Decreases implementation times and costs

    Reduces risk of failed user adoption

How Does the Base Model Approach Work?

Each module and process in Base Model Approach is configured by combining SAP’s best practice recommendations with our own independent insights. Our home-grown best practice guidelines are drawn from years of experience working with hundreds of clients globally.

The result is a simple, well-integrated solution that can be used as a starting point for any kind of implementation, regardless of the complexity. With the Base Model Approach, configuration and documentation are fully completed from the beginning of the project, saving both time and money.

Who Would Benefit From the Base Model Approach?

Whether you’re an existing SAP SuccessFactors client or are starting your SAP SuccessFactors implementation journey, this is an opportunity for you. You can implement the full Base Model Approach suite to ensure your modules are seamlessly integrated with each other. You can also implement standalone modules or full processes (Recruit to Hire, Perform and Rewards, Core and Reporting, Learning and Development), or implement custom packages.

Base Model Approach Highlights

    Preconfigured system as a foundation to reduce implementation time

    Based on industry best practices and 18+ years of experience gathered via 1,000+ SAP SuccessFactors projects in over 100 countries

    Pre-delivered accelerators and documents to be reused by clients, providing value from the outset

    Sample data from day one, allowing for early adoption for both the project team and end-user

The Real Business Impact of the Base Model Approach

If you’re interested in simplified internal processes and reduced implementation time, then Base Model Approach for SAP SuccessFactors is the right choice for your organization. By utilizing our stable and proven practices, organizations have successfully decreased risk while reducing implementation time by up to 50%. All functionality in Base Model Approach is aligned with industry experience and requirements.

Erik Ebert

About the author

Erik Ebert is the People Analytics & Business Development Director at Effective People.

Erik joined Effective People in 2005 and has supported organizations across industries for many years implementing digital transformation strategies to improve performance. He has a track record of building lasting relationships through a consultative approach resulting in happy, effective processes, successful engagements, effective teams, and a positive bottom line.

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