Five Reasons to Consider SAP BTP for Scaling Your SuccessFactors Solution

Enterprises today are turning to the power of SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) to take their operations to new heights.

When businesses expand, the task of optimizing IT systems to achieve enhanced functionality and elevate the scalability of HR solutions becomes paramount. As SAP SuccessFactors is already a favored HR solution for enterprises, SAP BTP emerges as a strategic choice.

Let's explore five pivotal reasons why you should consider SAP BTP for your SAP SuccessFactors solution.

1. Greater Flexibility and Agility in Your SAP Environment

A key benefit of SAP BTP is increased flexibility and agility in your SAP environment. SAP BTP offers a cloud-based environment that seamlessly integrates and extends your HR solution across other applications and services. This flexibility empowers businesses to swiftly adapt to evolving needs and changing market conditions.

With an array of integration options including application programming interfaces (APIs), enterprise messaging, and event-driven architectures, SAP BTP enables smooth integration with CRM, ERP, and financial systems.

2. Trusted Insights with Advanced Data Analytics

Integrating your SAP SuccessFactors solution with SAP BTP grants access to robust analytics capabilities, empowering your business with insights to drive data-informed decisions.

SAP BTP provides a suite of analytics tools, encompassing predictive analytics, business intelligence, and machine learning. With these tools in hand, identify patterns and trends in your HR data, experience optimized processes, and enhance overall performance in your systems.

3. Improved Data Security of Your HR Data

Data security ranks high on every enterprise's agenda, particularly when handling sensitive HR data such as employee information and payroll data. SAP BTP supports enhanced security for your SAP SuccessFactors solution, safeguarding your HR data against data breaches and security threats.

SAP BTP offers a range of security features including data encryption, access controls, and secure communication protocols

4. Cloud-Based Development Environment

A key benefit of using SAP BTP to scale your SAP SuccessFactors solution is simplified development. The platform provides development tools and services that can support businesses in quickly building and deploying new applications and services.

SAP BTP includes a cloud-based development environment that enables developers to easily create and deploy new applications and services. The platform also provides a range of development services, such as API management, DevOps, and containerization. By using these tools, your business can reduce the time and resources required for development, allowing you to focus on other important aspects of business.

5. Significant Cost Savings

Finally, using SAP BTP to scale your SAP SuccessFactors solution can lead to substantial cost savings. The platform provides cost-effective services and tools to help your business optimize IT spending and improve overall return on investment.

SAP BTP offers a range of pricing options, including pay-as-you-go and subscription-based models. The platform also includes cost optimization services, such as serverless computing and cloud automation.


The SAP Business Technology Platform provides a range of powerful benefits to help businesses scale their SAP SuccessFactors solution. Unify increased flexibility, better data analytics, high security, simplified development, and cost savings with SAP BTP.

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About the author

Pratibha Sethi is the Head of SAP BTP Services at Effective People.

Pratiba is an innovative, technically inclined, and passionate integration architect with over 13 years of systems architecture and delivery experience.​

Pratibha has experience in successfully architecting, consulting, and executing large-scale implementations, rollouts business transformations, and modernization projects. Her expertise is within Boomi, SAP Cloud Platform Integration, SAP HCM/ERP, and project management.

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