10 Most Common Questions Customers Ask When Thinking about Buying a New Payroll Solution 

Guide to Payroll Queries: Get answers to common questions on new payroll solutions.

1. What are the features and benefits of SAP SuccessFactors for payroll management?

SAP SuccessFactors is a cloud-based human capital management (HCM) software that includes a payroll module for managing payroll processes named SAP SuccessFactors EC Payroll. Some features of the solution include:

  • Automated calculations of taxes and deductions.

  • Support for multiple pay schedules and currencies.

  • Integration with other HR systems, such as time-and-attendance and benefits management.

  • Compliance with local labor laws and regulations.

  • Self-service portals for employees to access their pay information.

  • Full integration with SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central and SAP SuccessFactors EC Payroll for a complete user experience, completely removing the need for dual data entry, avoiding data error, and decreasing data-processing time.

  • A single system of HR master data and payroll which significantly decreases the costs of multiple software licenses, as well as the complexity of data management and administration.

  • Payroll localization for 47+ countries.

  • Maximized program utilization as the learning process is based on the same training.

  • Significantly improved visibility and insights via self-service from the employee perspective.

2. Can SAP SuccessFactors handle global payroll requirements?

SAP SuccessFactors can handle global payroll requirements by supporting multiple languages, currencies, and compliance rules. The payroll module integrates with Employee Central, which is the core HR module of SuccessFactors, to provide a unified view of employee data across the organization. The Payroll Control Center in SAP SuccessFactors allows for monitoring and controlling payroll processes, and it can be used to ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

SAP SuccessFactors handles global payroll management and administration of an organization through its entire payroll function, for all of an organization’s locations via one payroll system. This feature makes the global payroll processes easier from the business process control point of view and from the level of accuracy. At the same time, global payroll transactions are still subject to local legislation and compliance and meet the needs of both the organization’s global needs and local compliance requirements.

3. How does the SAP SuccessFactors EC Payroll module integrate with Employee Central in SuccessFactors?

SAP SuccessFactors EC Payroll can be integrated with other HRIS software through the use of APIs and pre-built connectors. The advantages of using SAP SuccessFactors over other payroll systems include its scalability, flexibility, and ability to support global payroll requirements.

4. What is the Payroll Control Center in SAP SuccessFactors?

The Payroll Control Center (PCC) is a key feature of SuccessFactors EC Payroll that helps organizations streamline and automate their payroll processes, saving time and reducing the risk of errors. It allows organizations to view and manage payroll data, run payroll reports, and monitor the status of payroll processing. Read more about the feature.

5. Can I integrate SAP SuccessFactors EC Payroll with other HRIS software?

SAP SuccessFactors EC Payroll is a cloud-based payroll solution, while SAP's payroll system is an on-premises solution. Adding SuccessFactors EC Payroll to an existing SuccessFactors suite can be relatively easy, depending on the specific configuration and customization of the existing suite.

6. How does SAP SuccessFactors EC Payroll differ from SAP's payroll system on premises?

The main difference between the two is that SAP SuccessFactors EC Payroll is hosted and managed by SAP, while the on-premises solution is installed and managed by the customer on their own servers. This means that SAP SuccessFactors EC Payroll does not require any on-premises infrastructure and can be accessed from any device with Internet access. Additionally, SAP SuccessFactors EC Payroll is typically more scalable and flexible than the on-premises solution, and it can be integrated more easily with other cloud-based HR systems.

The key difference between on-premises solutions and SAP SuccessFactors EC Payroll is the system of record: on-premises is SAP ERP HCM, and SAP SuccessFactors EC Payroll is SuccessFactors Employee Central: 

  • No middleware needed to integrate Employee Central (EC) with SuccessFactors EC Payroll.

  • Business Software International (BSI) tax updates are applied every month by SAP.

  • SAP recommends HR Support Packs.

  • HRSPs are applied by SAP.

  • SAP updates database and networking after notification.

In other words, on-premises responsibilities like upgrades, tax updates, system monitoring, and security, etc. are on the customer, while on SuccessFactors EC Payroll, SAP Cloud Operations are responsible for hosting SAP SuccessFactors and applying upgrades, legal changes, tax updates, system provisioning, and monitoring.

7. How easy is it to add SAP SuccessFactors EC Payroll to the existing SuccessFactors suite we have?

SAP provides pre-built connectors and APIs to facilitate integration with other HR systems, and a dedicated implementation team can guide you through the process. It is important to note that customizations made to the existing SuccessFactors suite may impact the ease of adding SAP SuccessFactors EC Payroll.

8. How good is security and compliance?

Security and compliance are key priorities for SAP SuccessFactors, and the system meets many industry standards and certifications. The software is built on a secure, multi-tenant architecture and undergoes regular security audits and penetration testing. It also provides role-based access controls and data encryption to protect sensitive employee data. Additionally, SAP SuccessFactors EC Payroll is compliant with various labor laws and regulations around the world, which can help organizations avoid penalties and fines.

One main security concept is role-based permissions. Role-based permissions use groups and roles to grant permissions to users and are designed so that users will match more than one role.

SAP SuccessFactors is also applying a dynamic method of assigning permissions that can create groups and permissions based on characteristics of jobs and roles. For example, when an employee is promoted to a manager position, all the special permissions of a manager would automatically be assigned to that employee. Furthermore, there is a full audit history of all changes that were made to a group or a role.

SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central can go beyond this process and allow organizations to set up roles based on several different criteria.

9. Will it help drive efficiencies across the business?

SAP SuccessFactors EC Payroll can help drive efficiencies across the business by automating payroll processes, reducing errors, and improving data accuracy. This can help reduce the time and resources required to manage payroll and enable HR professionals to focus on more strategic tasks. Additionally, the system provides real-time visibility into payroll data, which can help organizations identify areas for cost savings and process improvements.

10. Can it be used via a mobile device?

SAP SuccessFactors EC Payroll can be used via a mobile device through its mobile app, which allows employees to access their pay information, request time off, and perform other HR-related tasks on the go.

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