Effective People Stands With the Red Cross

in Vulnerable Areas

Mission Statement

This winter, thousands of families are struggling to cope with the freezing cold while on the run. Children are the most vulnerable and risk getting frostbite and infections that could cost them their lives. Many refugees are only wearing the clothes they had on when they left their homes.

The Danish Red Cross distributes aid and supports families during the cold winter in the most vulnerable areas of Afghanistan, Ukraine, as well as Syria, and the neighboring regions. They distribute blankets, mattresses, warm clothes, and heaters to keep vulnerable people warm in the biting cold.

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Effective People stands with the Red Cross, and has donated to the Dansih Red Cross Winter Aid this year. You can join our cause and donate via this page

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Marit Strømmen is the Head of Marketing at Effective People.

With more than 20 years of experience in the commercial area, she has worked with content, communication, business partnerships, and new business development in various industries. She has been with Effective People since 2018, overseeing all branding and marketing efforts. Marit writes about cloud-based HXM and HCM.

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