Coor’s SuccessFactors Implementation Journey

Learn how Coor revolutionized their HR function with SAP SuccessFactors.

Coor, a leading Swedish facility management company, chose SAP SuccessFactors and Effective People to digitize their HR function and implement one unified HR platform across five different countries.

Coor has implemented Employee Central, Onboarding, and Learning, benefiting their 12,300 employees in Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. Coor firmly believes that their people are their biggest asset, and with this digital transformation, they aim to empower every employee to grow and thrive.

Watch video: Coor's HR Transformation Journey with Effective People and SAP SuccessFactors

“Partnering with Effective People has been key for our HR transformation. Their expertise and support have been very valuable to us.”
Gustaf Rössner, Head of HR Digitalization at Coor

If you're interested in learning how your company can also leverage SAP SuccessFactors to digitize your HR function, Effective People is here to help.

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