Nordic Insurance Provider Transforms with SAP SuccessFactors

Discover how a Nordic insurance company leveraged SAP SuccessFactors to boost training, customer satisfaction, and sales performance.


A leading provider of general insurance and financial products in the Nordic region with 3,300 employees was looking to strategically improve its HR transformation program. The client chose to implement SAP SuccessFactors to streamline talent management processes and drive higher employee satisfaction and customer focus. After a thorough selection process, it chose Effective People to provide implementation, consulting, and project management services to support the SuccessFactors implementation.

The client wanted to make improvements across the organization and laid out goals for the implementation. These included:

  • Enable managers to have one solution for performance-related information

  • Deliver accurate, timely, and informed people insights, while providing transparency and benchmarking

  • Consolidate the system into a uniform structure to facilitate a performance management framework

  • Drive a simple recruitment process that’s user-friendly for both applicants and hiring managers

  • Support the branding and value proposition required to attract the best talent

  • Optimize internal resources in the recruitment process


The organization has worked intensively over the past few years and embedded a strong culture of performance management. To strengthen that culture even further, it engaged Effective People to implement a set of SuccessFactors modules, including Goal Management, Performance Management, Recruitment Management, and Compensation Management.

Effective People was the implementation partner throughout the entire project, following best-practice design principles, sound system usage recommendations, and SAP Activate methodology.


All projects were delivered on time and within budget, enabling the client to roll out the solution to all target countries in several languages. The implementation has increased sales, strengthened the customer experience, streamlined HR processes, and led to higher job satisfaction for HR, employees, and managers. Additional results include:

  • 10% increase in training effectiveness

  • 25% increase in sales

  • 23% increase in customer satisfaction

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