Support your Leaders in Improving People Related Decisions

Join us to learn how you can use SAP SuccessFactors People Analytics in your organization.

In this one-hour webinar, Effective People will walk you through how SAP SuccessFactors People Analytics can improve decision-making.

Speakers: Erik Ebert, Solution Advisor | Andre Fonseca, People Analytics Lead

Your leaders answer important questions and make decisions every day: How should we respond to a new market opportunity? What product strategy should we focus on? How should we price our services? What are the skills we need in our workforce? Should we hire new people to fill skill gaps or should we develop existing talents?

Decisions that people leaders make every day impact your organization's workforce. Answering many questions requires experience, data, and insights. When it comes to building the workforce for tomorrow and people decisions you can use SAP SuccessFactors People Analytics as your foundation.

With People Analytics, you can improve your business through:

  • Increased employee engagement

  • More transparent talent development

  • Better career development opportunities

  • Improved employee performance development

  • Higher retention rates across key functions and roles

  • Faster time to hire and productivity

About Effective People

Effective People believes that the best-run businesses focus on utilizing their technology to support their people - not the other way around. We help our clients plan and execute successful digital transformation journeys while offering continued support and application management services. We cover all HR processes, with SAP SuccessFactors as the foundation, and help companies utilize analytics to make better people decisions.

Watch on-demand webinar

Register here to watch the webinar.

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