Effective People at HRTechX 2022

What is HRTechX?

On November 2nd, HRTechX, the leading HRtech conference in Europe, will take place. It is also Northern Europe’s largest gathering of CXOs and HR professionals including some of the most well-renowned speakers in all of Europe. They will share their insights and learnings from being at the top of the HR & HRtech world for years.

Speaker: Erik Ebert

Effective People's Erik Ebert will participate in a panel on 'How to Align HR Strategy with Corporate Strategy'.

Erik will share important insights into this exact topic, thanks to his extensive knowledge of digital transformation, employee experience, and People Analytics. Erik has spent many years assisting organizations of all sizes in implementing digital transformation strategies. He has a proven track record of establishing long-term relationships through a consultative approach, which results in happy, effective processes, successful engagements, effective teams, and a positive bottom line.

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